Blazing Black is an event service provider based in Bloemfontein, South Africa supplying equipment, services and crew for events ranging from corporate functions to live shows.

Services we supply include the following:

  • Sound for events from small functions to outdoor festivals and sports events.
  • Lighting and lighting design for general atmospheric lighting, car and product launches, building unveilings and live performances or shows.
  • Temporary staging include risers, platforms, modelling ramps, raised decking, trussing structures and temporary outdoor stages with ground support.
  • Video display using projections, large LED screens or small format plasma and LCD displays.
  • Technical crew include sound and lighting engineers, stage techs, follow spotters, camera operators, stage managers, production and event managers.
  • Event Management, making sure all different facets of an event come together at the right time is extremely important and can make or break an event. We’ve got a lot of experience in doing this.
  • Production Management, similar to event management but more aimed towards what’s technically possible. Tying all the production disciplines together, we make sure that the show goes on, from artist bookings, budgets and coffee to schedules, venues and technical bits and pieces.
  • Media Reproduction, recreating your media as quickly and neatly as possible. This includes CD’s, DVD’s and Flash Drives all with various case and packaging options.

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